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If you think this is normal with advancing age, IT IS NOT !!

What is Uro-genital Prolapse ?

  • Feeling of vaginal looseness, something coming out from vagina
  • Most commonly in peri or post-menopausal females more than 45 years. Very rarely it can occur even at young age.
  • It is basically shifting of the uterus and sagging of the vagina through which sometimes urinary bladder, bowel & rectum protrude out.
  • Occurs due to changes in collagen composition with decreasing levels of female hormone Estrogen.
  • Muscles and ligaments which support these organs stretch, sag & break causing Prolapse.
Is it Normal to have Prolapse with Advancing Age ?

  • Some amount of looseness and descent of pelvic organs may occur in all.
  • It can be corrected with Combination of Exercises, some medicines & Surgery

Urine Leak

  • Prolapse is often associated with Urine Leak.
  • Frequency of urine more than 8 times a day, waking up more than twice to pass urine at night is NOT NORMAL.
  • Inability to control the urge to pass urine once desire sets in with urine leakage before reaching bathroom – URGE INCONTINCE
  • Urine leakage on coughing, sneezing, laughing – STRESS INCONTINENCE
  • Continuous leakage of urine.

How is it detected & what investigations you may need ?

  • Usually prolapse & Urine leak is easily detected on clinical examination & simple Sonography
  • Blood tests are needed only to know some other cause for urinary issues and based on treatment plans
  • Haemogram CBC, Sugars & Serum Creatinine may be needed
  • Urine Examination to rule out infections may be needed
What are your treatment options ?

  • Most that is 70% of urine leakage can be improved by medicines & some form of pelvic muscle exercises known as KEGEL’s Exercises
  • Only 30% of urine leakage mostly associated with cough, sneeze & laugh – Stress Incontinence needs Surgery
  • Prolapse if Severe is often only corrected Surgically.
  • Surgery can be vaginally or laparoscopically depending on nature & severity of it
  • Hysterectomy & vaginal repairs may be offered but at advanced age & if there is concomitant uterine issues

Vaginal Or Laparoscopic Mesh Surgery

  • A mesh can be placed which acts as functional ligaments broken or stretched & loosened re-supporting the pelvic organs
  • Native tissue that is re-strengthening the stretched ligaments may be offered in some cases.
  • Tran - vaginal Tape insertion (Trivedi’s Trans-Obturator Tape) surgery is extremely effective for Urine Leak.
  • Trivedi’s Total Health Care specializes in Urine Leak Management & Dr. Trivedi has won many Awards & Accolades for Designing various Tapes for these surgeries followed by the world.

Why Choose Us for Your Urine Leak Issues ?

Dr. Trivedi’s Total Health Care is known all across India for diagnosing & treating Thousands of Women with Urine Leak Issue

Received various awards for designing various urinary leak Tapes like Trivedi’s Stress Urinary Incontinence Tape (T-SUIT) and first of its kind Trivedi’s Adjustable Tape & Needles for performing Urine Leak Surgery

Received Health Ministry Award & Senior Scientist CORION Award for work on Urine Leak

Every Year since the past decade the centre conducts a Free Evaluation Week in June which is known as “Freedom From Incontinence Week” where nearly 300-500 patients are evaluated in a week free of charge

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