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Dr Priti Trivedi

  Chief Embryologist, Fertility Guide & Chief Counsellor, Co-Director – AAKAR IVF CENTRE

  • Scientific Director & Chief Embryologist at Aakar IVF Centre Mumbai, started since June 1999 with a good success rate of 35-45% pregnancy. Infertility Lab Expert from Wadia Hospital.
  • Trained & closely associated with “Sydney IVF Centre”, only centre to be accredited by Sydney IVF Centre & “National University Hospital”, Singapore.
  • First to have IVF – ICSI Pregnancies, Pregnancy from Zero Sperm Count by PESA,TESE,TESA- ICSI pregnancy in Central Suburbs.
  • As a faculty, conducted workshops in IUI-IVF-ICSI at our own centre – Aakar IVF Centre, which is attended by Consultants from all over India & abroad.
  • Instrumental in establishing IVF & ICSI Centres in India like prestigious Ruby Hall IVF Clinic, Pune.

  • Contributed chapters & Articles in various books on IVF-ICSI-IUI & Setting of Embryology Lab. One of the First Few to master the art of Embryology in Early 90’s
  • Released a unique book on “The Heart & Soul of ART is in the Lab ...The inside story” Written & edited by us a tribute to Eminent Infertility Consultants
  • Attended & presented Papers in various National & International conferences on guiding & setting up of Labs
  • Her Untiring desire to put the patients at ease & kindness solves most of the problems faced by couples desirous to conceive
  • Being involved in IVF-ART for 2 decades now, she understands the Intricacies & Nuances of IVF-ART better than most
  • Extremely talented Embryologist, considered one of the Best in India, Mrs. Priti Trivedi is astute in sonographic readings & finer technical details of Embryology Lab with best technology & media.
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