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Dr.Trivedi’s Total Women’s Health Care Hospital
Exclusively For Women’s Health.

The National Institute of Laser & Endoscopic Surgery started as pioneering gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery Center in early 1990’s. In 25 years this centre now known as “Dr.Trivedi’s Total Women’s Health Care Hospital & Aakar IVF-ICSI Centre” has one of the largest turnover of Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Surgeries performed with or without laser in Asia.

The leading Gyn. Endoscopist has done more than 35000 Gyn. Endoscopic Surgeries pioneering work on Laparoscopic suturing, Myomectomy, Hysterectomy, In bag Morcellation, Tubal Anastomosis, Endometriosis Surgery, Hysteroscopic Endometrial & fibroid resection, Septal resection, Adhesiolysis, Tubal Cannulation, Thermal ablation etc.
Pioneer of Female stress urinary incontinence and designed TSUIT, the cost effective female urine leak correction tape with the largest number of cases from India, Asia & the world at large.

The chief Director Dr. Prakash Trivedi is first Gynaecologist in the world to be President of IAGE (Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopist) 2013-15, President of FOGSI (Federation of Obstetrics &Gynaeoclogical Societies of India) 2015, President of ISAR (Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction) 2020, Scientific Program Chair of AAGL in India with IAGE 2016 & 2020.
  Exclusively For
Women's Health
With a unique harmony of advanced technology and traditional wisdom during late 1990’s the centre added a full fledged IVF-ICSI centre named AAKAR. This state of art centre is designed with a European concept and the guidelines of the world’s best – Sydney IVF center . Apart from very competent Infertility Consultants, a highly efficient team of Embryologists manages the advanced IVF-ICSI-Cryopreservation & Andrology lab. considering the convenience of patients, the centre has under one roof facilities of sonography, hormonal assays, genetic diagnostic centre, advanced Endoscopic Surgery and Laser centre.

During the initial years itself AAKAR IVF Centre has a good consistent pregnancy rate of more than 35-45%. Both the Endoscopic Surgery Centre & Aakar IVF Centre has liaison with the best centres & consultants in world to have periodic updates, training & teaching program.Today few centers in Asia can boast of the skill & competence in both the disciplines “Dr. Trivedi’s Total Women Health Care Hospital & AAKAR IVF Center, Mumbai . Here quality is not only our passion but it is truly our obsession.
Dr. Prakash Trivedi
Diploma in Pelviscopic Surgery (Germany) Advanced Hysteroscopic Surgery (France) Fellowship in Laser Endoscopic Surgery (USA) Fellowship in ART (Australia) Diploma in Skin Aesthetic & Cosmetic (Australia) Fellowship in Urinary leak surgery (USA, Korea, Australia)
Dr. Trivedi’s Maternity Nursing Home Dr. Trivedi’s Total Women Health Care Hospital & AAKAR IVF Centre,
Gynaec Endoscopist
Fortis Hospital, Mulund Jupiter Hospital, Thane Fortis
Ex.Head of the Gynaec Dept.
& Hon. Prof
D.Y. Patil Medical College & V.C. Gandhi – Rajawadi Hospital
Board Member
International Society of Gyn. Endoscopy for 4 years and closely associated with AAGL the world’s largest organization for female Laparoscopic surgery
Professional & Super Speciality experience
Hon. Prof. & Head of Dept. Gynaec
Hon. Prof. & Head of Dept. Gynaec & earlier various post at Rajawadi Hospital – D.Y. Patil Medical College – 17 years
Superspeciality experience & Expert
Superspeciality experience & Expert in Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery; Infertility – IVF, Urinary Incontinence, Painless Delivery,Female Aesthetic & Cosmetic procedures done at France, Germany, USA, Australia, UK, Belgium, Korea etc.
Gynaec Endoscopy surgery
More than 35,000 Gynaec Endoscopic Surgeryin last 25 years, one of the largest series in Asia. More than 15000 Hysteroscopic procedures.
Exceptional achievements
Gold Medal
From receiving Gold Medal at MD Gynaec (1983) to Indo American award of Professional Excellence, he has also got the Young Scientist award of Mumbai & All India Gynaec Society. Young and Senior Scientist award by All India Gynaec Society – FOGSI.
Training workshop
Conducted more than 600 workshops in Endoscopic Surgery, Infertility with 108 Hands on Training workshop at his own hospital.
Released 9 books of which the last book “Beyond the Boundaries of Modern Gynaecology contains 737 pages & 750 colored photographs.
He has done world’s breakthrough research on In bag morcellation for removal of large uterus and fibroids. Expert for female urinary leak &designed urinary leak correction tape.
His original research on “Fibroids & Infertility” a study of 2142 patients with totally new findings is now accepted by Harvard Medical Centre, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
About the Set-up–a benchmark & landmark with more advanced equipment & experts in technics.
His Centre Dr Trivedi’s Maternity Nursing Home Dr Trivedi’s Total Women’s Health Care Hosptial & Aakar IVF – ICSI Centre is recognized by All India Gynaecological Society FOGSI, ICOG, for Training Consultants & from 1993 till date 108 workshops conducted with Consultant of 28 year to 73 years from India & abroad attending. The first centre to be recognized by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik for Post Doctoral Fellowship for one year in Minimal Access Surgery- Gynaecology.

Dr Trivedi’s Maternity Nursing Home with NILES, Aakar IVF & Sakaar Urinary Incontinence & Women’s Health Care Clinic has best and very costly equipments : 3 sets of Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Surgery equipments, 3 D and other 2 Endoscopy cameras, 4 Electronic Morcellators, Three Electrocautery Machines, Harmonic ACE and 5 Advanced Vessel Sealing Device, 2 Advanced Anaesthesia Unit with multi-parameter Monitor, IVF – ICSI Micromanipulator Olympus, Planner Cryo Freezing unit, One Color Doppler & three other Sonography machines with abdominal & TVS probes. Invited abroad as a Faculty to demonstrate new surgeries in many events

The maternity section has an add-on section, which probably is not present anywhere in Mumbai or India so far. The Figura Silhouette machines &equipments to tone the abdomen, reduce fat after delivery or surgery & also a section which deals with striae, pregnancy marks, unnecessary hair growth, pigments, sun damage, wrinkle elimination by Micro derma Abrasion Machine, Non-Surgical facelift & unnecessary hair removing device

MD or DNB qualified doctors are present 24 hours a day – 365 days a year More than 500 endoscopic surgeries, more than 200 deliveries & more than 300 IVF procedures are performed during the calendar year & invited expert Endoscopic surgeon all over India and abroad. This is one of the multispeciality hospitals with the most advanced technologies, equipment & expert to use the same. Every inch of the Space Spells Science, Skill & Care.
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