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Covid-19 Awareness & Precautions in Gynaecology

In this video talk which was addressed to 2000 Gynaecologists & IVF Practitioners on 30th May 2020, Dr. Prakash Trivedi - an eminent Gynaecologist from Mumbai, India & President of Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction(ISAR) highlights the impact of the current pandemic, general awareness & precautions to be taken, how it has impacted gynaecological practices & methods & strategies by which safe discharge of health care facilities can be done for women patients: Be it Fertility Treatments - IVF/ART or Endoscopic Surgeries & various other treatments for Gynaecological Issues.

Covid-19 Awareness & Precautions

What Everyone Should Know ? (Webinar In Gujarati)

In this Educational Webinar, Dr. Prakash Trivedi an eminent Gynaecologist who is the pioneer of Laparoscopic Surgery in India, an Infertility Consultant & Urogynaecologist aims to explain the origin, the cause of spread, the symptoms & what the Novel Corona Virus does to the human body. He also emphasises the preventive safety measures & precautions one must take to avoid contracting the Covid-19 virus. Starting at grass root, he emphasizes what simple rules & roles one should play at home and their own societies to limit the spread of this virus.

It is followed by some Q & A's about some doubts which every one of us are facing during this testing times.

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