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When does your uterus really need Removal ?

Hysterectomy – Removal of the Uterus

  • It is the most commonly performed gynaecological surgery with 90% of the removal done for non-cancerous benign conditions
  • Techniques & routes to perform this common surgery has undergone a sea change with most now possible via a minimal access approach i.e. vaginally or laparoscopically commonly known as laser surgery.
  • There are many myths & beliefs pertaining this very common surgery which are not true, when it comes to Key-Hole Surgery
Common Myths & Beliefs

  • Myth # 1 - Removal of the Uterus leads to menopausal changes with mood swings & irritability.....
    FALSE Removal of uterus will obviously cause cessation of bleeding & pain associated with periods as there will be none but Menopause is a function of the OVARIES. So as long as the Ovaries are NOT REMOVED it does not lead to Menopause
  • Myth # 2 – Removal of Uterus will lead to Weight Gain....
    FALSE Weight gain used to occur with earlier technique of Open Surgery where prolonged bed rest with restriction of activities were suggested. With Laparoscopic removal surgery is safer, precise with smaller cuts with speedy recovery
  • Myth # 3 – What happens with the empty space where the uterus was there ? Will that empty space cause any problems....
    NO Within 24-48 hours of surgery peritoneum which is the layer covering the abdominal organs forms an organized layer & there is no empty space as such

  • Myth # 4 - Where will all the dirt & muck from the body go out from as that used to get removed during periods ?....
    Uterus does not produce any hormone or important substance & does not clear any toxins or dirt. Kidneys & Liver function as de-toxifying organs which rid the body of dirt & toxins.
  • Myth # 5 - Will I get cataract after Uterus removal ?....
    Absolutely NO Usually Removal of uterus is done at such an age say above 45 yrs where there are already some changes in the lens of the eye. It is only coincidence that you may get changes of Cataract at just about the same age. The 2 have absolutely no correlation
When your Uterus may need Removal ?

  • First & foremost No Removal of Uterus is justified below the age of 40 years unless an exceptional case
  • You have no further fertility desires & your childbearing is complete
  • Fibroids of significant size & number which may contribute to heavy bleeding, painful periods or occasionally pressure effect on bladder causing urinary problems or constipation
  • Adenomyosis of Uterus loosely referred to as Uterine Swelling which happens due to menstrual blood seeping into uterine wall over prolonged period of time causing heavy bleeding & pain
  • Endometriosis in which menstrual blood instead of coming out from the Uterus goes in reverse fashion through the tubes & out into the abdomen causing blood deposits. NOT ALL CASES OF ENDOMETRIOSIS REQUIRE HYSTERECTOMY especially if you are desirous of further child-bearing & pregnancy.

  • Prolapse of the Uterus where in something comes out of the vagina may need a Hysterectomy if at old age with concomitant repair of other loosened tissues
  • Uterus harboring harmful changes within the the lining called the endometrium which causes it to be thickened with pre-cancerous or rarely even cancerous changes
Why choose Laparoscopic Surgery ?

  • Very small cuts on the skin makes the surgery more cosmetic.
  • More magnification with depth perception with 3D technology used during surgery makes it more precise & meticulous than open surgery
  • Due to advanced tools & minimal cuts the recovery is speedy.
  • You can easily resume routine activities 3 days after surgery & even work after a week.
  • Due to surgical precision, better techniques & energy handles the healing is much better with less adhesion formation than open surgery.
Why we are considered one of the best facilities for providing Laparoscopic Removal of Uterus ?

Pioneered Laparoscopic removal of uterus in 1992 with almost 3 decades of experience.

Removed almost 4kg uterus laparoscopically which was a WORLD RECORD AT ITS TIME

Pioneered technique of UTERINE ARTERY CLIPPING AT ORIGIN which reduces blood loss during surgery.

Use of best energy sources & handles with 3D vision technology which makes surgery precise, meticulous & aids faster recovery due to specialized energy instead of heat burning tissues.

Removal of uterus is facilitated by a technique called Morcellation which removes even a large uterus in small strips of 1.5cm. We are the first centre in India to start a novel technique of IN BAG MORCELLATION which makes it safe & are proud to do the MOST NUMBER OF SUCH CASES IN THE WORLD

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