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Sperm freezing

When does one require sperm freezing ?
  • It is done as a backup while undergoing procedures like IUI or IVF. Some patients have anxiety on the day of egg retrieval or when IUI is planned, so as a precautionary measure semen sample is frozen in advance.
  • If the male partner is travelling during the infertility treatment,if semen freezing is done beforehand that sample can be used during the treatment.
  • It is advisable for men undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer to freeze their semen sample before the treatment to preserve the fertility.
  • If one is willing to donate sperms, the sample is processed, frozen and stored as a quarantine for 6 months and can be used later for a desiring couple.
How is it done ?
  • Screening of HIV,syphilis,hepatitis B and C infections is done.
  • An abstinence period of 3-5 days is required.
  • A written consent is taken for semen freezing.
  • Once the sample is obtained, it is transferred to a cryo-vial which is labelled correctly with the patient’s name and frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196 degree celsius.
  • This sample can be warmed and used in future whenever the patient desires for IUI or IVF procedure.

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Egg freezing

  • It is a scientific breakthrough in which a woman’s eggs are extracted, frozen and stored which can be used later whenever she is planning pregnancy.
  • Social freezing is a scientific boon to women who are considering delaying pregnancy because of education, career or have not found a suitable partner.
  • One doesn’t have to worry about the ticking biological clock.
  • It is also indicated in women diagnosed with cancer before undergoing any chemotherapy or radiotherapy for preserving fertility.
The Process

  • Egg freezing is done by a method called vitrification.
  • The egg extraction process is similar as done for IVF in which the ovaries are stimulated with hormonal injections and once the follicles mature, they are extracted sonographically under short general anaesthesia.
  • The retrieved eggs are then frozen by rapid freezing method in liquid nitrogen at -196 degree celsius.
  • The frozen eggs can be used in future whenever the woman is planning pregnancy.
  • The eggs are warmed and injected with partner’s sperm for fertilization.
What is the success rate ?

It depends upon following factors
  • Age at which the eggs are frozen.
  • Quality of the eggs.
  • Number of frozen eggs available.
  • Experienced embryologist well acquainted to the process of freezing and warming
Is Embryo freezing better than egg freezing if given an option?

Embryo freezing has better success rate than egg freezing due to the fact that oocytes are more sensitive to the process of freezing compared to the embryos. Some eggs may not be suitable for freezing. Some may not survive the process of freezing and warming and some may not fertilize and develop into embryo.

Its Better to Freeze your eggs than to freeze your career
Embryo Freezing or Cryopreservation

What is embryo freezing ?
  • It is a process of storage of embryos at sub zero temperatures.
  • There are two methods available:slow freezing and vitrification
  • Vitrification is the latest technology of cryopreservation which is a fast freezing method whereby embryos with cryo protectants are added and transferred onto special storage straws.
  • The straws are then inserted into liquid nitrogen which exposes the embryos to -196 degree celsius temperature.
  • They form into a glass bead & are then transferred in the storage cans.
  • This procedure has enabled embryologists to freeze embryos at various developmental stages
Advantages of freezing embryos

  • The extra embryos can be stored and used later as per patient’s desire.
  • No need of taking hormonal injections again in case of previous failed IVF cycle or desiring second baby through IVF in future.
  • Decreases the risk of triplets or quadruplets by freezing of the extra embryos after transferring the optimal number of embryos in an individual patient.
  • Possibly increases pregnancy rates by transferring thawed embryos during spontaneous ovulatory cycles or cycles in which the estrogen and progesterone hormone levels do not exceed which naturally occurs during fresh cycle.
Is freezing safe for the embryos and does it hold any future impact?

  • The process of freezing doesn’t harm the genetic make up of the embryo.
  • According to the research till date, it is an absolutely safe procedure for the embryos and doesn’t affect the health of the babies born through frozen embryo cycle.
What is the process of FROZEN EMBRYO CYCLE (FET) ?

  • One cycle of oral contraceptive pills is given followed by an injection on Day 21 of the cycle for suppressing the hormonal levels.
  • The cycle is monitored from day 2 of periods
  • Certain medications will be given to increase the lining of the uterus and the blood supply to the lining.
  • Once adequate lining is achieved with good blood supply which is confirmed by sonography and color doppler, frozen embryo transfer is planned.
  • The embryologist will warm the frozen embryos and check their quality.
  • Accordingly the good quality embryos will be transferred in the same way as done in fresh cycle
  • Cost effective freezing packages.
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Survival of frozen embryos post warming depends to a great extent on how the warming process is carried out which requires skilled embryologist.

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