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What are fibroids ?

  • Fibroids are the commonest benign tumours of the uterus.
  • It is extremely prevalent & most common from ages of 20-45 yrs.
  • It may be present in as many as 25-50% of women population.
  • Fibroids essentially are non cancerous masses but may undergo changes & degenerations which make some more dangerous than others
  • Not all fibroids need removal. Only 40% of women with fibroids need treatment.
Warning Signs & Symptoms that you may have fibroids

  • Nearly 40-50% will have no symptoms to realise that they may be having fibroids & often detected on incidental Sonography
  • Heavy bleeding with passage of clots which may cause Anemia – drop in Haemoglobin.
  • Dysmenorrhoea – Painful Periods
  • Heaviness in abdomen & bloating
  • Pressure effect of fibroids – Urinary frequency & Constipation
  • Difficulty in conceiving – Sub- Fertility
  • Recurrent Miscarriages
How are fibroids detected & what investigations you may need ?

  • Sonography with Color Doppler – identifies nature & location of fibroids. Doppler assesses blood flow patterns giving clarity about the nature of fibroids.
  • MRI occasionally in cases of multiple fibroids for accurate mapping & in suspected dangerous fibroids
  • Blood tests depend on the treatment plan
  • Basic Haemogram CBC, Prolactin & Serum LDH isoenzyme 3 which gives a clue if the fibroids have degenerations or bad changes.
What are your treatment options ?

  • Medicines work on fibroids but the effect is temporary and only reserved usually to tide over crisis.
  • Tablets or injections reduce blood flow through fibroids, reduce symptoms like pain & bleeding and may cause slight reduction in size.
  • Essentially if symptoms are severe your fibroids will need Surgical Removal.
  • Removal of uterus unless age is above 45 years and child-bearing & family is completed is NOT the treatment of fibroids.
What surgical options do you have ?

  • Most fibroids irrespective of size and number are now removed endoscopically that is by Key-Hole Surgery.
  • Fibroids inside cavity of uterus may be removed Hysteroscopically by specialized devices which involves no cuts whatsoever with help of camera inserted inside the uterus.
  • Others not inside cavity & in wall of uterus or outside are removed Laparoscopically via a camera inserted through the belly button or just above which involves 3 to 4 small skin cuts of just 5 mm.
Why are we considered the BEST in fibroid management not just in India but World-wide ?

Pioneered Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Removal of Fibroids in India.

Removed 58 fibroids vaginally from a patient preserving the uterus with successful pregnancy later.

Removed 30 fibroids laparascopically in a patient who seeked Uterus preservation.

Pioneered techniques to reduce bleeding by temporarily occluding Uterine arteries which reduces blood flow to uterus during surgery.

Pioneered safe removal of fibroids with a technique of In Bag Morcellation. Our Centre has ONE OF THE LARGEST SERIES FOR THE SAME IN THE WORLD.

Removed fibroids as large as 25cm laparoscopically and as much as 2.5kg specimen weight with In Bag Morcellation Technique.

Dr. Trivedi’s Total Health Care Centre has done extensive research on fibroids over 30 years. NO BODY UNDERSTANDS FIBROIDS THE WAY WE DO and its not just surgery but intricate genetic & hormonal changes associated.

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